26 Animals That Start With J: Species, Description, and Fun Facts (2024)

Today, let's explore the amazing animal world that starts with "J"! We're in for an exciting journey as we discover more about these captivating creatures.

We'll discover the awe-inspiring jaguars that reign over the jungles and the enigmatic jellyfish that rule the oceans. We'll unravel the mysteries of these extraordinary J animals and explore their fascinating traits, unusual behaviors, and what makes them stand out.

26 Animals Beginning With Letter J

Quick links to our selection of animals that start with J:

  • 1. Jaguar
  • 2. Jackal
  • 3. Jackrabbit
  • 4. Jellyfish
  • 5. Japanese Beetles
  • 6. Javan Rhinoceros
  • 7. Jumping Spiders
  • 8. Jacana
  • 9. Jabiru
  • 10. Jackdaw
  • 11. Jaguarundi
  • 12. Jerboa
  • 13. Japanese Chin
  • 14. Japanese Macaque
  • 15. Javanese Cat
  • 16. Jezebel Butterfly
  • 17. Javelina
  • 18. Japanese Squirrels
  • 19. Jack Russell Terrier
  • 20. Javan Langur
  • 21. Japanese Rat Snake‪
  • 22. Jico Deer Mouse
  • 23. Javan Tree Shrew
  • 24. Javan Warty Pig
  • 25. John Dory
  • 26. Junglefowl

1. Jaguar (Panthera onca)

26 Animals That Start With J: Species, Description, and Fun Facts (1)

Fun Fact: Did you know that the jaguar is the largest big cat species in the Americas? They're known for their grace, strength, and mystery.

Jaguars have a distinctive coat with a golden-yellow background covered in large black rosettes. These rosettes help them blend into their forested habitats and are unique to each individual. The Mesoamerican jaguar is the only species of Panthera native to the Americas.

Read more: Jaguar Facts.

2. Jackal (Canis aureus)

26 Animals That Start With J: Species, Description, and Fun Facts (2)

Fun Fact: Did you know that jackals are noisy canines? They can yip, bark, and howl.

Jackals are fascinating members of the Canidae family3, closely related to wolves and dogs. They look like a mix of German Shepherds and foxes. Three species of jackal live across Southeastern Europe, Asia, and Africa. Although generally loners, they form lifelong pairs. Jackals are skilled hunters and scavengers. They can eat small mammals and birds, fruits, and carrion.

3. Jackrabbit (Lepus californicus)

26 Animals That Start With J: Species, Description, and Fun Facts (3)

Fun Fact: Did you know that jackrabbits are hares, not rabbits?

One of their most interesting facts is that they are hares, not rabbits. This means that they are generally larger and faster than their rabbit counterparts. Additionally, jackrabbits have unique characteristics that set them apart from other animals. For example, babies are born with their eyes open and fully furred.

4. Jellyfish (Scyphozoa)

26 Animals That Start With J: Species, Description, and Fun Facts (4)

Fun Fact: Did you know the jellyfish sting can kill a human? Box Jellyfish is the most dangerous jellyfish species. Its sting can cause paralysis, cardiac arrest, and even death.

Despite their name, jellyfish are not fish. They are cnidarians and related to corals and anemones. Though quite beautiful, these gelatinous animals are no joke. They have long tentacles, each armed with venom-containing stinging cells called cnidocytes.

Read more: Jellyfish Facts.

5. Japanese Beetles (Popillia japonica)

26 Animals That Start With J: Species, Description, and Fun Facts (5)

Fun Fact: Did you know that Japanese Beetles are pests? Their voracious appetite and the ability to quickly gather in large numbers significantly damage plants and crops. They are considered invasive pests in many parts of North America.

Japanese Beetles are small, iridescent insects that belong to the scarab beetle family. Native to Japan, they were accidentally introduced to North America in the early 20th century. Adult Japanese Beetles are about half an inch long and have distinctive metallic green bodies with coppery-brown wing covers.

These beetles are notorious for their feeding habits, consuming over 300 plant species2. They flock to various plants' leaves, flowers, and fruits, including ornamental trees, shrubs, crops, and garden plants.

Read more: Beetle Facts.

6. Javan Rhinoceros (Rhinoceros sondaicus)

Fun Fact: Did you know that the Javan Rhinoceros is one of the rarest and most endangered rhino species in the world? With only a few individuals left in the wild, the Javan Rhino is critically endangered on the IUCN Red List.

The Javan Rhino is a remarkable creature with thick, gray skin and a single horn. It thrives in Indonesia's lush rainforests, seeking refuge in mud wallows and feeding on vegetation. Unfortunately, its survival is at risk due to habitat destruction and poaching for its prized horn.

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7. Jumping Spiders (Salticidae)

26 Animals That Start With J: Species, Description, and Fun Facts (6)

Fun Fact: Did you know that the jumping spider is an excellent jumper and a skilled hunter? These tiny arachnids can leap up to 50 times their body length, making them one of the best jumpers in the animal kingdom.

Jumping Spiders boast over 5,000 species and inhabit various habitats. These agile hunters rely on large front eyes to perceive their surroundings accurately. Males perform intricate dances to attract mates and create silk shelters, showcasing their unique abilities, such as using hydraulic pressure to leap.

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8. Jacana (Jacanidae)

26 Animals That Start With J: Species, Description, and Fun Facts (7)

Fun Fact: Did you know these wading birds have an incredible talent for walking on floating vegetation? Their talent earned them the nickname "Jesus birds."

Jacanas have long legs that allow them to move gracefully through shallow waters as they forage for food. Furthermore, some can even swim underwater. They have a varied diet, including fish, insects, crustaceans, aquatic plants, and seeds.

9. Jabiru (Jabiru mycteria)

26 Animals That Start With J: Species, Description, and Fun Facts (8)

Fun Fact: Did you know that Jabiru is one of the tallest flying birds in South America? They can grow as tall as 5 feet. The height and bright red bands at the base of their necks make the jabiru easy to spot.

The Jabiru (Jabiru mycteria) is a magnificent stork species native to South and Central America's wetlands and riparian habitats. Its impressive size and striking appearance make it a captivating sight for nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers. They are opportunistic eaters, preferring fish but consuming other foods like amphibians, insects, small mammals, and reptiles. Jabirus are usually quiet but vocalize during mating or when threatened1.

10. Jackdaw (Corvus monedula)

26 Animals That Start With J: Species, Description, and Fun Facts (9)

Fun Fact: Did you know that jackdaws are highly intelligent, small crows known as one of the world's most intelligent birds? They are smaller crow family members and find their homes in farmlands and woodlands.

The Jackdaw is a captivating bird with a glossy black coat and striking blue or silver eyes. It's brilliant and adaptable, thriving in various habitats across Europe, Western Asia, and North Africa. Jackdaws have a diverse diet and can be mischievous, stealing eggs and chicks from other birds' nests. They are social birds, forming large groups and exhibiting impressive aerial acrobatics. Their intelligence and self-awareness set them apart, making them one of the most intelligent bird species.

11. Jaguarundi (Herpailurus yagouaroundi)

26 Animals That Start With J: Species, Description, and Fun Facts (10)

Fun Fact: Did you know that the Jaguarundi, also known as the "otter cat," is one of the most unique feral cats in the world? Unlike other cats, the Jaguarundi has a long and slender body, resembling a weasel or an otter.

This wild cat is native to Central and South America. They live in various landscapes, from expansive coastal marshes and untamed savannah grasslands to the dense cover of deciduous and evergreen forests. Unlike many of its feline relatives, the Jaguarundi has an extraordinary vocal range, emitting a repertoire of whistles, chatters, and purrs for communication.

12. Jerboa (Jaculus)

Fun Fact: Did you know that the Jerboa is often called the "kangaroo mouse"? This adorable little creature is known for its long hind legs, which allow it to hop and jump like a kangaroo.

It is a fascinating small, tiny rodent in Asia and Northern Africa. Jerboas have unique features that make them stand out in the animal kingdom. One of the most distinctive characteristics of the Jerboa is its long ears and tails. These elongated ears help them detect sounds, while their long tails aid in maintaining balance during their hopping movements.

13. Japanese Chin (Canis lupus familiaris)

26 Animals That Start With J: Species, Description, and Fun Facts (11)

Fun Fact: Did you know that the Japanese Chin, despite its name, is not actually from Japan? This adorable and elegant toy breed originated in East Asian countries, primarily China and Korea, and was later given as a gift to Japanese royalty, which is how it acquired its name.

The Japanese Chin is a small, elegant dog breed with a regal appearance. Their wide-set eyes, flat faces, and luxurious coats exude charm and nobility. Beyond their royal looks, they are amiable and intelligent, fitting well into any family. Their quirky move called the 'Chin spin' adds to their endearing nature.

14. Japanese Macaque (Macaca fuscata)

26 Animals That Start With J: Species, Description, and Fun Facts (12)

Fun Fact: Did you know that Japanese Macaque are also known as snow monkeys? They are one of the world's most widely studied and recognized monkey species.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Japanese Macaque is their adaptation to cold climates. Japanese Macaques are well-equipped to deal with winter conditions, and it is not uncommon to see them sitting in hot springs or bathing in natural hot water to keep warm during colder months. A snow monkey uses stones as hammers to crack open nuts and sticks as tools to extract insects from tree bark.

Read more: Monkey Facts, Types of Monkey.

15. Javanese Cat (Felis catus)

Fun Fact: Did you know the Javanese Cat is not actually from Java? Despite its name, this elegant and affectionate breed originated in North America in the 1960s.

The Javanese Cat is a captivating breed known for its unique appearance, combining Siamese and Balinese features. They have a lithe physique, silky coat, and beautiful blue eyes. Javanese Cats are intelligent, friendly, and love playtime. They are sensitive to being alone for too long and prefer companionship.

16. Jezebel Butterfly (Delias eucharis)

26 Animals That Start With J: Species, Description, and Fun Facts (13)

Fun Fact: Did you know that the Jezebel Butterfly is not one but a group of related butterflies? They are found in Southeast Asia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

The Jezebel Butterfly is a captivating butterfly species in Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. This medium-sized butterfly boasts a striking appearance with vibrant colors of red and yellow, making it an enchanting sight to behold. With a 6.5 to 8.5 cm wingspan, the Jezebel Butterfly gracefully flits through the treetops, showcasing its beauty against the backdrop of the sky.

Read more: Butterfly Facts.

17. Javelina (Tayassuidae)

26 Animals That Start With J: Species, Description, and Fun Facts (14)

Fun Fact: Did you know that javelinas have a secret weapon to protect themselves from predators? When threatened, these tough little creatures release a strong, musky odor that earned them the nickname "skunk pig."

Javelinas, called collared peccaries, are social creatures from the Americas. Their unique appearance features a white collar and a silvery grey or brown coat around their necks. Javelinas live in groups and communicate through grunts and woofs.

As omnivores, they enjoy consuming various plant-based foods and occasionally small animals. Intriguingly, they play a crucial role in their ecosystems by spreading seeds and acting as wild gardeners to maintain plant growth.

18. Japanese Squirrels (Sciurus lis)

26 Animals That Start With J: Species, Description, and Fun Facts (15)

Fun Fact: Did you know that the Japanese squirrel (Sciurus lis) is known for its unique color variations? Unlike many squirrels with a consistent coat color, the Japanese squirrel exhibits a range of fur colors, including shades of red, brown, grey, and black.

Japanese Squirrels (Sciurus lis) are delightful small rodents native to the Japanese mainland. They have a typical squirrel appearance with a long, bushy tail, black eyes, and large tufted ears, making them a charming sight in their natural habitat. These small old-world rodents are the only non-flying or gliding squirrels.

Read more: Squirrel Facts.

19. Jack Russell Terrier (Canis lupus familiaris)

26 Animals That Start With J: Species, Description, and Fun Facts (16)

Fun Fact: Did you know that the Jack Russell Terrier was initially bred in the 19th century by a clergyman named Rev John Russell for fox hunting? He wanted a small, agile, tenacious dog to chase foxes out of their dens.

Jack Russell Terriers are typically white with black and tan markings and have a short, smooth coat that is easy to maintain. They have a distinctive head shape with dark, expressive eyes and ears that fold forward. Their tails are usually docked, but some countries have banned tail docking, so you may see Jack Russells with natural tails.

Read more: Types of Terrier.

20. Javan Langur (Trachypithecus auratus)

26 Animals That Start With J: Species, Description, and Fun Facts (17)

Fun Fact: Javan Langurs are one of the most colorful species of leaf-eating monkeys. They are also called "silvered leaf monkeys" due to their striking coloration.

The Javan Langur, also known as the Javan Lutung, is a unique monkey found in the tropical rainforests of Java, Indonesia. They have a distinctive appearance with slender bodies, long tails, and a tuft of hair on their heads.

Adult males have a sleek black coat contrasting sharply with their pale gray or silvery face. On the other hand, adult females and young langurs exhibit vibrant golden or orange fur. They are skilled tree-dwellers, mainly eating leaves, fruits, and flowers.

21. Japanese Rat Snake (Elaphe climacophora)

26 Animals That Start With J: Species, Description, and Fun Facts (18)

Fun Fact: Did you know that the Japanese Rat Snake (Elaphe climacophora) is an excellent swimmer and highly skilled climber? These snakes are highly adaptable, living in various habitats, from forests to urban areas.

The Japanese rat snake is a non-venomous snake found in Japan. It's slender, around 4-6 feet long, and has a distinctive pattern. They eat rodents and insects, helping control pests. They're generally harmless to humans but can defend themselves when threatened.

Read more: Snake Facts.

22. Jico Deer Mouse (Habromys simulatus)

Fun Fact: Did you know you can only find the Jico Deer Mouse in Mexico's tropical or subtropical moist lowland forests? Like most deer mice, they have long tails, white feet, and gray to brownish coats similar to deer.

The Jico Deer Mouse is a rodent that looks oddly similar to a deer, minus the horns and antlers. They reside in tropical forests and originate in Mexico. These little deer mice have small husks that they use to defend themselves from danger and primarily feed off of vegetation.

23. Javan Tree Shrew (Tupaia javanica)

26 Animals That Start With J: Species, Description, and Fun Facts (19)

Fun Fact: Did you know that the Javan Tree Shrew (Tupaia javanica) has a unique locomotion method called "volplaning?" Volplaning is a term used to describe the tree shrew's ability to glide through the air between trees.

The Javan tree shrew (Tupaia javanica) is a small, arboreal mammal found in Indonesia, particularly in Java and some surrounding areas. It belongs to the family Tupaiidae, and it shares some similarities with both rodents and primates. Javan tree shrews have a slender body, large eyes, and a long tail, which makes them well-suited for life in the trees.

24. Javan Warty Pig (Sus verrucosus)

26 Animals That Start With J: Species, Description, and Fun Facts (20)

Fun Fact: Did you know that the Javan Warty Pig is among the rarest and most endangered pig species?

The Javan Warty Pig (Sus verrucosus) is a fascinating and endangered species native to the Indonesian island of Java. As the name suggests, these pigs are known for their distinctive warty growths on their faces. These warts are more prominent in males and play a role in social interactions and mating rituals.

25. John Dory (Zeus faber)

Fun Fact: Did you know this fish has a large dark spot on its side? This spot represents the thumbprint of St. Peter, which led some cultures to call it St. Peter’s Fish.

The John Dory, also known as St. Pierre or Peter's Fish, is a marine fish found in the waters of the Atlantic and Mediterranean. These ocean animals have a distinctive appearance with a flat, disc-like body and a large dark spot. John Dory is known for its delicate and flavorful white flesh, making it a popular choice in seafood cuisine.

26. Junglefowl (Gallus)

26 Animals That Start With J: Species, Description, and Fun Facts (21)

Fun Fact: Did you know that the Junglefowl, also known as the Red Junglefowl, is considered the wild ancestor of domestic chicken? These colorful birds are native to the dense jungles of Southeast Asia and are known for their vibrant plumage and distinctive calls.

These birds are known for their distinctive calls, especially the loud crowing of the males at dawn, which has earned them the nickname of "nature's alarm clocks." They are omnivores with varied diets, including seeds, fruits, insects, and small creatures. Their role as seed dispersers makes them essential for the growth of their forest habitats.


Having embarked on this intriguing journey through fauna found in all corners of the world whose names commence with 'J,' we've discovered an astonishing array of life. We've sauntered through Central America's steamy forests, following the jaguar's shadowy paths. We've dipped beneath the waves into the enigmatic world of the jellyfish, pulsating their way through pristine blue waters.

This list not only exemplifies how wonderfully multifaceted the animal kingdom is, but it puts the spotlight on the ecological importance each species carries, underscoring the integral roles they play in maintaining the balance of our living planet.

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26 Animals That Start With J: Species, Description, and Fun Facts (2024)


What desert animal starts with J? ›

Jerboas are hopping desert rodents found throughout North Africa and Asia, and are members of the family Dipodidae. They tend to live in hot deserts. When chased, jerboas can run at up to 24 km/h (15 mph). Some species are preyed on by little owls (Athene noctua) in central Asia.

How many known species are there of animals? ›

Although scientists have observed and classified around 1.2 million species of animals, scientists estimate that there are approximately 8.7 million living animal species on earth.

What animal starts with z other than a zebra? ›

Zebra, Zebra finch, Zebu, Zigzag salamander.

What sea animal starts with J? ›

AAbalone (Blacklipped) Anglerfish, D'Entrecasteaux Anemone, Red Waratah Australian Sea Lion
IIsopod - Southern Chaetiliid
JJelly, Blue Blubber Jelly, Box Jewfish John Dory
KKrill, Pacific
LLeafy Seadragon Live-bearing seastar
8 more rows

What extinct animal starts with J? ›

Dinosaurs beginning with J
  • Janenschia.
  • Jaxartosaurus.
  • Jingshanosaurus.
  • Jinzhousaurus.
  • Jobaria.
  • Juravenator.

What animals start with the letter J in French? ›

J is for jaguar, or jaguar. K is for kangourou, or kangaroo. L is for lapin, or rabbit. M is for mouton, or sheep.

What are the rodents that start with J? ›

  • Jaliscan cotton rat.
  • Jico deer mouse.

Is a jackal a dog or a fox? ›

Jackals are a type of canine, animals that are related to dogs, coyotes, foxes and wolves. They look like a cross between a German shepherd and a fox. They have the fox's small face, delicate legs and fluffy tail, with the German shepherd's long, alert ears.

What has 7000 species? ›

Diversity. There are about 7,000 species of living echinoderms and each of them falls into one of five categories. Though most people distinguish between sea urchins and sand dollars, the two are actually members of the same class, Echinoidea.

What animal has 10 species left? ›

The vaquita is the most endangered cetacean in the world. With as few as around 10 left, the species will become extinct without a fully enforced gillnet ban throughout their entire habitat. WWF is urgently working to ensure they can live and thrive in their natural habitat.

What are 80% of all animals species? ›

It has long been recognized and documented that insects are the most diverse group of organisms, meaning that the numbers of species of insects are more than any other group. In the world, some 900 thousand different kinds of living insects are known. This representation approximates 80 percent of the world's species.

What animal begins with J? ›

Jackal, Jackrabbit, Jaguar, Jay, Jellyfish.

What two animals make a Zorse? ›

An offspring of a zebra stallion and a horse mare, a zorse is among a number of equine hybrids called zebroids.

Is Zorse a real animal? ›

Zorses are not just a figment of someone's wild imagination. They do exist and continue to trot around our world, leaving a trail of awe and striped wonder. They might not be as common as your regular horse, but they're out there, strutting their unique blend of horse and zebra genes.

What primates start with the letter J? ›

Japanese Macaque are a type of old world monkey that is native - to yes you have guessed it - Japan. They are the most northern-living primates - apart from humans - and are also sometimes known as snow monkeys.

What color is a jaguar? ›

Most jaguars have tawny-colored fur with black rosettes, but some have black-on-black, or melanistic, coloration. Usually it is jaguars that are found in darker rainforest areas that are sometimes black.

What are words starting with J? ›

List of 'J' Words For Kids
3 more rows
Jun 29, 2022


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