Sweet Meadow Horse Stable (2024)

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Sweet Meadow Horse Stable is rated4.6 out of5 by84.

Special Price $93.49 was $109.99

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Ages: 3+ years

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2019 National Parenting Product Award Winner

Retreat to the countryside and let your child's imagination roam free with the KidKraft Sweet Meadow Horse Stable. This modern farmhouse is a cozy abode for dolls and their equine friends. There are two stalls for ponies, complete with food troughs and hay bales. Ascend to the loft and discover a quaint area for dolls to sit and relax after a thrilling day on the farm. Set up a corral outside using the snap-together fences. A couple of standalone pieces are ideal for practicing show jumps. Country chic decorations and accessories make this one barn that'll make living on the range extra sweet.

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Technical Information

  • Dimensions: 24.17" x 13.39" x 24.21"
  • Materials: Wood, MDF, plastic
  • Country of Origin: China

Assembly Instructions

  • 63534 Assembly Instructions View Download

More Information

More Information
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Modern Metallics Farmhouse Play Kitchen

Special Price $179.99 was $239.99

The KidKraft Modern Metallics Farmhouse Play Kitchen rivals any real dream kitchen. With upgraded amenities such as farmhouse sink, tile-look backsplash and built-in chalkboard, this functional and fun wooden kitchen will entertain kids for many meals to come. Teach farm-to-table concepts with the planter boxes that house three carrots and red onions that can be "grown" and "harvested" for cooking. These choppable veggies can be sliced on the cutting board with the pretend knife. Wash them under the faucet, then throw them into a pan and fire up the cooktop. The lights and sounds on both the faucet and the burners provide accurate realism with a burst of magic. There's tons more hands-on play including an ice maker that really dispense ice cubes, knobs that click when turned and three doors that open and close. Serve up the meal on the set of dishes—plates, bowls, cups and utensils. When play is over, store everything in the two wood-grain-look fabric bins. Pretty enough to place in any room in your home, the Modern Metallics Farmhouse Play Kitchen enhances any space.

  • Includes 43 pieces of accessories including a full complement of dishes in metallic hues
  • Farmhouse sink with lights and running water sounds
  • Working ice maker dispenses plastic ice cubes
  • Fire-inspired lights and sound cooktop
  • Cutting board and pretend knife with 3 "choppable" carrots and 3 onions in pretend herb garden
  • Pegs for hanging utensils or pan
  • Chalkboard for writing out grocery list (chalk not included)




Rated 5 out of5 byKissy fromBetter than American Girl stable nicer and cheaperMy 7 yr old Grand daughter loves it. She uses it for her Barbie’s, horses and American girl dolls! She wanted an American Girl Stable. I could not justify the cost. But she adores this one.

Date published: 2024-01-06

Rated 4 out of5 byThe Mama fromAssemblyEverything was on good condition, directions clear but no colored picture of the barn. Glad I was able to pull up the barn to make sure we were correctly following directions. Though the horse has a beautiful main it is proportionately larger then anything included

Date published: 2023-12-30

Rated 5 out of5 byLanaM fromFun for hours!Fairly easy to assemble, easier with a small battery operated drill. My 3 year old granddaughter loves it!

Date published: 2023-12-26

Rated 5 out of5 byBattleKitty fromCool barn!We just putnit together today. It was fairly easy, to do it on my own. Only thing out of normal is some of the screws (maybe like, 3 out of the whole thing) seem to not grip when turned. They still go in, but they feel... stripped? All parts were good on arrival, thought the box took a beating in the mail. The horse is so nice! I wouldve liked for the horse to have a saddle come with it, but so far the dolls can ride it without. The barn looks amazing, and fits so many dolls! Sorry theyre not dressed... they were just in the pool a little before.

Date published: 2023-12-24

Rated 5 out of5 byFaeMom66^ fromLove!! Cute and detailed!!Very cute! Great quality!! Details are beautiful. It was a littke tricky to out together but all the pieces did fit. Dont use power tools!! Even though you may be tempted.

Date published: 2023-12-17

Rated 4 out of5 byMelissa fromNiceGreat product but i wish it was more plastic than board though

Date published: 2023-01-14

Rated 2 out of5 byBreann fromNot worth itThe end product is okay. Building it was difficult because there was missing predrilled holes. One side of it is painted upside down so it looks off.

Date published: 2022-12-30

Rated 5 out of5 byAnna fromPerfect!The barn is beyond cute! My 7 year old hasn’t stopped playing with it since Christmas! Her Barbie works perfectly with it too.

Date published: 2022-12-27

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Sweet Meadow Horse Stable (2024)


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